GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) & GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic/ Polymer)

GFRC is cement based composite material reinforced with glass fibres which adds flexibility and tensility, thus having a high impact strength.

GFRP is engineered material composed of a polyester or epoxy resin, reinforced with glass fibre. The final product achieved is a strong, durable, thin and lightweight material having the advantages of quick installation.

GFRC & GFRP can be moulded into a variety of complex shapes with thickness of GFRP ranging from 3mm to 5mm & GFRC from 12mm to 20mm, which makes it easier to handle and install.

The GFRC & GFRP division manufactures various products as per the required dimensions & textures for both exteriors as well as interior applications.